[url=http://www.theeducationshow.com.au/][size=200]The Education Show[/size][/url]

[size=150]31 August - 1 September 2018 
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre[/size]

[b]100+ exhibitors showcasing school resources, products, services and technology for classrooms, schools and careers.[/b]

9:00am - 5:00pm, Fri 31 Aug 2018 
9.00am - 4:00pm, Sat 1 Sept 2018
[url=http://www.theeducationshow.com.au/national-education-summit][size=175]Key Event[/size][/url]


The Education Show is a key event of The National Education Summit which draws principals, school leaders, business managers and educators from K-12. For more information on the National Education Summit please visit [url=http://www.nationaleducationsummit.com.au]nationaleducationsummit.com.au[/url]
[url=http://www.theeducationshow.com.au/nes-events][size=175]2017 NES Events[/size][/url]

[url=http://www.theeducationshow.com.au/nes-events/k-12-digital-classroom-practice][size=150]K-12 Digital Classroom Practice Conference[/size][/url]

[size=150][b]Friday 1 September 2017 - Saturday 2 September 2017[/b][/size]

The K-12 Digital Classroom Practice Conference explores best digital classroom practice to achieve superior teaching and learning outcomes.

[url=http://www.theeducationshow.com.au/nes-events/learning-and-teaching-symposium][size=150]Learning and Teaching Symposium[/size][/url]

[size=150][b]Saturday 2 September 2017[/b][/size]

Innovation in Education: Re-thinking, re-conceptualising and re-designing learning today for better outcomes tomorrow.

[url=http://www.theeducationshow.com.au/nes-events/master-class-principals-school-leaders][size=150]Master Class for Principals and School Leaders[/size][/url]

[size=150][b]Friday 1 September 2017[/b][/size]

G9 Education will once again present Master Classes for Principals and school leadership teams. G9 is a consortium of highly experienced educational consultants working together to improve schools and schooling.

[url=http://www.theeducationshow.com.au/nes-events/autism-in-every-classroom][size=150]Autism in every Classroom[/size][/url]

[size=150][b]Friday 1 September 2017[/b][/size]

Hear from industry professionals, special needs teaching specialists, parents and those living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as they discuss the latest research on Autism and provide you with practical strategies for teaching students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in the mainstream primary and secondary classroom.

[url=http://www.theeducationshow.com.au/nes-events/teaching-adolescent-girls][size=150]Teaching Adolescent Girls[/size][/url]

[size=150][b]Saturday 2 September 2017[/b][/size]

Join a cross section of health professionals, specialist educators, academics & principals as they explore how teen girls can find success in today’s co-educational school environment and how schools can teach, build and promote resilience in students.
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[b]AEU Victoria[/b]

AEU Victoria is the Victorian branch of the Australian Education Union [i]—[/i] the federal union for teachers, principals, education support staff and all educators working in government schools and government-funded early childhood, TAFE and adult education. The AEU is the union for those who work in Day Services, Business Services officers, Employment officers, Program Managers and CEOs who work in the disability sector in Victoria.

With nearly 50,000 members, the AEU campaigns for education professionals, for [b]public education [/b]and for social justice.

AEU Victoria caters for the personal, professional and industrial needs of its members. We work with members to improve conditions of employment and to advance professional interests. We promote the value of the work of our members within society.
[url=http://www.theeducationshow.com.au/partners/sponsors/kiosk-sponsor][size=125]Kiosk Sponsor[/size][/url]



Since 1996 the THRASS Institute has provided teachers, parents and support staff with the tools, strategies and subject knowledge to explicitly teach the phonographic code of English as required by ACARA. 

It provides a cost effective whole-school literacy model that is sustainable from foundation onwards and as a classroom strategy THRASS is fun, systematic, explicit and linguistically correct.

THRASS Professional Learning empowers teachers to effortlessly cater
for multi-level classrooms, ESL learners and students with Dyslexia or other Specific Learning Difficulties.

The THRASS Charts and various support materials are the most widely used and recognised teacher reference tools for teaching the phonographic code and orthography of English.

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Bostik is a strong brand in stationery, DIY, and home decorator products.  Brands including, Blu-Tack, Clag and Blu & Glu Stik are known and trusted by Australians for many decades.

Imagination is at the heart of Bostik’s products and craft ideas. Each creative idea is special and unique and just like Bostik’s range of craft glues and adhesives, each one will help you shape, design and build your ideas into a work of art. 

It doesn’t matter what you are creating, whether it be for a school project, a decorative feature for your home or just to unwind and let your creative energy run free, Bostik has everything you need.  

At Bostik we believe that creativity is within all of us and this is where we want to help you unleash your imagination. We have created a place to start you on your creative journey, visit our website [url=http://www.ideasthatstickbostik.com.au]www.ideasthatstickbostik.com.au[/url] and start crafting your own world of paper crafts with Bostik.

All Bostik products are non-toxic and safe for all of the family to use.


ABIA provides APST-aligned training for educators working with children with autism. From our highly sought-after [i]Making it Work in the Classroom, [/i]to our 3-hour tailored workshops (Behaviour Management, Social Skills, and Managing ASD), expect to come away up-skilled, informed, and ready to implement change.
[url=http://www.theeducationshow.com.au/partners/associations/mathematical-association-of-victoria-][size=125]Mathematical Association of Victoria[/size][/url]


The Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) is an innovative membership driven association which provides a voice, leadership and professional support for mathematical education.  MAV supports its members by working with experts including leading academics, education consultants, exemplary classroom teachers, the Victorian Department of Education, and industry partners to provide professional learning, publications, resources and advocacy in the interests of members and the wider community.